Sunday, April 17, 2011


As in FIFTY days that I have left of my internship and life on the island... that scares the s*** out of me, honestly. It's going to be the weirdest feeling leaving this place and all the people behind and knowing I'm never gona have the kind of lifestyle I've had here ever again. Going back to being a student in Manchester, UK is kind of exciting too :) and I think I can start planning all the amazing things I can do in all the places I'm travelling to in June!

I've been busy busy busy this week, work's been crazy recently as we are getting ready for the PGA Heritage golf tournament that starts in the resort tomorrow and the whole island is going to be a madhouse (literally) for the next seven days. So my time and energy to blog hasn't been very good in the past few days..

Just wanted to share a few exciting photos (I'LL BE IN CALIFORNIA IN TWO MONTHS!) ...and I'm off to a cinema date with a friend. I've heard the Source Code is really good sooo it's HELLO Jake Gyllenhaal tonight :)

Hope you had a great weekend


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