Sunday, April 3, 2011

summer wishlist/perfect wardrobe part three

I love having Sunday nights off, relaxing and getting ready for the coming week! So after finishing work for the week (after 53.5 hours, cant believe it... it went really quick as we are getting busier and busier every day!) I took over the sofa and been watching TV, catching up on my blog reading list and just chilling! the only downside of today was the fact that I discovered about 20 mosquito bites all over my legs when I got home!!! It's just ridiculous, I mean I worked for 8 hours INDOORS so there must have been a very thristy little mosquito (or two) after my blood... and now my legs are very itchy and look like I've got chicken pox! So no outfit photos taken this afternoon.. my legs look so bad couldn'n even make it to the gym :(

To cheer myself up I had a loooong look around on some of my favourite online shops to get some ideas for a perfect summer wardrobe :)

Would love to be able to buy a whole new wardrobe for the summer!!! Have you got any favourite pieces?

I've got a day off tomorrow and I'm planning on starting the day with a nice long gym session (actually will have to see first the state my legs are in..) then working on my portfolio for a little bit and finally booking some last bits for my travels in June. NINE weeks of placement left yay!



PS. Got some exciting news for next September when I'm moving back to the UK... moving in with one of my best friends!! It's going to be amazing and so much fun living with her :)

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