Thursday, March 10, 2011

back to reality

Hey, the past six days have flown by and I dropped my family off at the airport earlier today.. absolutely knackered after being out and about every day and spending every minute with them. LOVED eating lunch and dinner out every day but I'm back on the diet starting tomorrow. I swear I've put on like half a stone in the past week!!!!

I'm going back to work tomorrow too, it feels so strange after a week off. Plus I've go a ton of uni work to do... need to finish my little work project, then write a report based on it uh oh and finish off the business profile too. The actual deadline is April 15 but I'm determined to walk into the post office on March 31 ready to send my work off to England! Stupid university doesn't allow us to submit our work electorically.

Will post about the lovely new clothes I bought, share photos of beautiful Savannah and of the island :) here's one I took by our pool last summer when it was sunny and hot hot hot...



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