Thursday, March 31, 2011

got that friday feeling?

How is it Friday AGAIN tomorrow? Weeks just go by so fast these days and in ten weeks' time I will have finished my placement, left the island, and will be sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta, getting ready to board a train to New Orleans the next morning :) I've got pretty much everything booked and paid for the month I'll be travelling - transport and accommodation wise that is! Will blog about the plans a bit more closer to the time.. if I start now my blog might actually turn into a travel planning diary!

Anyway, as it's Friday tomorrow it means a well needed night out. I'm working an evening shift (as almost every Friday for some reason...) and will be going out straight from work so I've almost got my outfit planned already. I've narrowed it down to two, so the question is shall I wear my beloved LBD or a bit more colour?

top Forever21
skirt H&M
LBD Miss Selfridge
heels Topshop

At the moment I'm going for the top and skirt combo :) the LBD would need some accessorizing and I'm sort of bored of all my jewellery.. miss the collection I had to leave behind in Manchester! We shall see what I decide tomorrow or if I end up going out in something completely different.



  1. love the top & skirt!


  2. thanks, that's what I ended up wearing after all :)


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