Friday, March 11, 2011

eighty seven

... days until I go travelling across America!!!

Cannot believe it. I'm a little bit closer to the most amazing month of my life as I booked some tickets for myself and my sister for our week in New York :) Soooo the Lion King booked, return tickets to Washington D. C. booked and crown access tickets to the Statue of Liberty BOOKED! the only thing from stopping me getting even more excited about my upcoming trip is the mountain of uni work waiting for me in the next three weeks. ouch :(

hope your friday night is a bit more exiting than staring at the laptop screen and having cups of tea to get through it. here's something that keeps me motivated - I'm so insanely looking forward to a trip to the Grand Canyon!

photos we<3it



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  1. WOW have an amazing time


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