Friday, February 4, 2011


So I’m trying to decide whether I should go out after work tonight or just drive straight back home and curl up in bed... it’s Friday, and I’m usually out most Friday nights but the current snow storm that’s making its way across continental US is definitely affecting the weather here in southern South Carolina too!! It’s so miserable and coming back from work after 11pm last night was just horrible – if it rains like that tonight I’m going to be absolutely soaked walking across the road from work to one of the bars we spend our Friday nights at. Bringing my umbrella wouldn’t help so I’m kind of liking the idea of a night in with a well needed cup of tea J plus I’m skyping my family in the morning and I’ve got so much to tell them I’d rather not be overly hungover.
I’m learning to use the timer on my camera to produce better outfit photos as all the mirrors in my flat are, frankly, really bad. I’m getting a hang of taking the photos and I’ve got a spot where to take them... but need to practice my posing a little hehe. Kind of look like I'm ready to kill someone in the first picture!! Another project of mine is photographing my entire wardrobe, including shoes and accessories just to have an archive of everything on my laptop, which should keep me busy the next couple of days.
Anyways, if I was to go out tonight I’ve got an idea of what I would wear: black miniskirt, nude heels and the beautiful blouse I purchased from Mango on our trip to Florida.

Blouse Mango
Skirt Topshop
Shoes Topshop
Watch Casio
Bra Victoria's Secret



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