Friday, February 11, 2011

new shoes new shoes

The shoes I ordered from CharlotteRusse arrived yesterday! Very very happy with the quick delivery, and now the chunky pink/wooden ones make my Friday night outfit absolutely perfect :) However, I'm trying to decide whether I should return the wedges as they make a funny, kind of a squeaky noise, when I walk in them... it's the knot bit making the worst noise and I'm not sure if it will annoy me to the point that I can't wear them!

Can't believe how quickly this week has passed - it's Friday again :) :) and as usual, I'm working till 11pm today and going out straight from work so I've already chosen my outfit for tonight. Definetely need a nap before work though... we had our weekly staff meeting at 8.30am, and after finishing work at 11pm last night and not a very good night's sleep I'm way too tired to even think about gym or work right now. Will need lots of energy on the dance floor tonight ;)

top Forever21
skirt Topshop
shoes CharlotteRusse

Hope everyone's got a great weekend planned,



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