Tuesday, February 8, 2011

saving up for travelling?

... two words: online shopping! I was soooo bored at work last night, just browsing through a load of online shops and drooling at all the lovely pieces I would buy if I was a millionaire. Next thing I know, I’ve placed an order on CharlotteRusse.com woops. I’m not a big fan of their clothing as I usually prefer Forever21 but simply couldn’t resist the offer they had on their shoes: Buy 1 get 1 for $15. Now I’ve got the two cutest pairs of heels coming my way and I couldn’t be happier, especially because I got them for $53 J J I’m very picky when it comes to buying heels and I’d rather spend that bit more money to only buy heels that will last, which is why I’ve only got Topshop and Aldo heels in my wardrobe at the moment... I threw away all my crappy New Look and Primark ones when I was packing my life into cardboard boxes before moving to the US. I'm giving CharlotteRusse a go and hoping for the best!
And here’s what I fell in love with:

top - Nautical Knotted Raffia Wedge in taupe
bottom - Street Noise peep-toe platform heel in nude

Clearly got a tiny bit carried away with my summer wardrobe post yesterday... shopping-wise, I’ve been really good lately as I’m saving pretty much every cent I earn for my travelling in June but everyone deserves a treat every now and then, right?
It’s my first day off today since I got back from Miami and I’m planning on having some breakfast first, then reading through the new posts on all my favourite blogs, start taking photos of my wardrobe, have a nice, long workout at the gym, get on with my uni work and go to the cinema in the evening J Sounds like a perfect day off for me... except for the uni work.



  1. they are gorgeous aren't they :) can't wait to get my parcel!


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