Friday, February 25, 2011

weekend plans

I think I've just had the two most unproductive days off. Ever. As Wednesday night's "drinks" turned into a crazy night and too many very strong vodkas I had kind of a killer hangover yesterday... actually had to resort to a McDonalds!! Bad times. Today's been almost as bad - not enough sleep last night after sleeping all day yesterday, going to the staff meeting too early in the morning, coming down with a cold (right now my nose is blocked, eyes sore and head is aching)... dear me.

Anyway, I'm still debating whether I should go out for a little bit or just stay in bed and have a quiet night. I think I'm still recovering from Wednesday and might drive out and have a laugh watching everyone else getting off their faces haha. Kind of have also decided what I'd wear sooo really can't stay in ;) I've got another friend's birthday drinks to go to tomorrow night so it should be a fun weekend!

Here's what I'm planning on wearing tonight... we'll see how many times I change my mind before leaving the house!

playsuit h&m/shoes charlotte russe/bag asos

Just didn't have the energy to take any photos today... I'm gona jump in the shower now and have some dinner so hopefully I'll feel a bit better after that :)



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