Thursday, February 3, 2011

universal studios

Morning, uh oh I woke up in such a bad mood after seeing the weather forecast for today – not leaving the house unless I have to, which means gym and work! It was such a lovely, warm day yesterday but now it’s back to cold and rainy L
Anyway, here’s some more photos of last weekend! On Saturday we were in Orlando and went to Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure to see the Harry Potter world J absolutely loved it – I had a Butterbeer (one word – disgusting!!), bought Chocolate Frogs and went to Hogwarts too. The little girl inside me had the best day ever!



  1. OMGOSH I LOVE FLORIDA. Could you please give me advise on and info on how you got an internship in the usa. I left Uni this year (I am 18, first year) I didn't like it and I am doing my degree at my old college next this september coming. Having an internship in America is something that doesn't seem possiable for someone like me.
    Going to follow you

  2. Hey, the internship is a part of my tourism management degree in uni and luckily my uni has got some contacts over in the US - basically just employers who recruit students from my uni every year. So I decided to apply and got offered a place after an interview :)

    I never thought I'd live in America for year so it's kind of a dream come true and I feel so lucky to have the chance to experience a different culture and learn from it.

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  3. Your so lucky.
    Thank you for the reply.
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